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Body Image
- At 419 pounds, Stavros Luca is not your typical beauty pageant contestant. But that did not keep this body-assured man from entering the Mr. Gay UK contest. With overwhelming support from the audience, Stavros won 1st place! The story is awesome and inspiring, but it does not quite have a happy ending. The local news coverage erased him in the storyline, and event coordinators determine to disqualify on him two days later on a bullshit technicality. Read the complete story here, and the short Guardian documentary (embedded at the end) is worth seeing. [ ]
Results from one of BuzzFeed's Body Image Survey Questions
- BuzzFeed began a Body Image Survey on Friday. Up to now almost 60% of respondents said they have a poor body image and 33% said they believe negative thoughts about their body "more than a couple of times a day." The second question asks if you think you look better naked or clothed - only 16% said "naked." Additionally they polled about how much you love or hate particular body parts. Only 13% said they adore their vagina. But for the manhood question, 91% said they don't have a member, so perhaps men weren't interested in this survey at all? Regardless, one thing is clear: there is still much work to be done on the body image front!
- Famed "plus size" model and body approval promoter Tess Munster went on HuffPost Live to talk about posing nude and her past and current struggles with her body image." model and body approval advocate Tess Munster went on HuffPost Live to talk about posing naked and her previous and present struggles with her body image.
- plus-size
Topfree Equality
Thus far I'd describe the consensus as "well intentioned, but shallow and amateurish." The New York Times described it as "first and foremost the cinematic equivalent of a billboard." For now, here's among the positive reviews that I loved in Time, which focuses on why topfree equality issues.
Naked Yoga
- Another writer tried a NYC naked yoga course at Bold & Naked Yoga, and gave a cunning, favorable report of her encounter. [Nicely Great]
It focuses a nudist club in Britain called Spielplatz. Based on click , it sounds just a little glum. The whole 45-minute documentary can be streamed on YouTube. [The Guardian]
Photo: Discovery Channel
- To promote their new movie, Seth Rogen and James Franco did a spoof episode of Naked and Afraid. There were some good jokes, and they managed to do it without body-shaming. The best line: Seth asking for a giant blur on his crotch area. It's possible for you to watch it online here.
Oldie but Goodie
- Initially printed in Bitch magazine in 2012, this in-depth report on naturism is exceptional. It's favorable overall, but the writer brings up some valid criticisms and questions about the future of the naturist movement. Anyone concerned with the future of naturism should read it. [Bitch Magazine / Alternet]
Young Naturists & Nudists America
Tags: naked news
Class: Naked News
About the Author (Author Profile)
Writer of Nudist Site. Co-founder of Nudist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. . Once I'm not busy eating, I am writing about naturism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun topics. I like comments, so plz leave a comment when you have got something to say!

FKK Explains What's it Like To Be A Nudist

What Is it Like To Be A Naturist?
What's it Like To Be A Nudist - For starters, this picture below is a rendering of how nudists are perceived in today's society as well as how nudists see themselves. We hope you like it :) Think of it as our little way of shedding some light on how we ourselves are perceived by many in today's society. Then view our very own interpretation of how we young nudists and naturists see ourselves!
Nudism described:
Many folks in America, which is still mostly puritanical, look askance at nudism. Some have been citing it as one of the wayward social developments of the 20th century. Far from really being a prurient or deviant practice, a large part of people in the U.S. comprehend that nudism offers a means to recover the integrity one had as a kid.
What Is it Like To Be A Fkk
Nudists And Their Philosophy:
As a person grows up in America, he / she is often subjected to influences that cause body shame. In essence we need to be saved from ourselves. Islam and Catholicism are punitive, inducing many, particularly girls, to live in anxiety for something that should come as naturally to them as the atmosphere they breathe.
It keeps coercing us into feeling that we, as our natural selves, are inadequate and this inadequacy can simply be remedied by using their products. Untold numbers of energy are wasted on the unnecessary stress that these trends create. with the simple, healthy lifestyle of the nudists. In the nudist naturist community you'll be accepted as you are. Imagine not having to bother with -ending baggage, both actual and psychological, that the "textilists" inflict. No longer will the thing that houses your spirit be viewed as a fetish object or something to be laughed at. and acknowledgement that nudism supports stands in stark contrast to the assault on the ego that airbrushed pictures perpetrate. As a naturist, you will see the body as it was meant to be in all its individuality. is a method to fight the unhealthy strictures that conservatives have imposed on America in recent decades. At a nudist resort you will, for the first time in several years, be truly free. and the self-respect at these areas is actually uncommon. The nudist resorts and various functions are almost the only places where one can relax and be oneself without worry.
Some mention safety as a concern when considering a visit to a fkk community. You'll be reassured and happy to know the entry conditions are more stringent than those of the best country clubs. Some might do background checks to ensure that your stay will be enjoyable and beneficial. There's less of a chance that something will occur to you or your family members at a fkk resort than at Disneyland.
Its professionals frequently cultivate habits that smarter and healthier that those of the mainstream. These customs include nude yoga and vegetarianism. It is all part of an outlook on life that encourages the unencumbered actualization of the person.
The thought that nudists put into their lifestyle makes certain that few have regretted their decision to become

A Rant About Climate Change

Along with naturism, I'm interested in lots of other things. Including the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are quickly (not slowly) ruining the planet Earth.
Now, I adore summer and warm weather, and I'm just as eager as the next naturist to leave the clothes in my own dressing table and run to the closest naked beach or club on the first decent springtime day. (Sunshine!! Spring! Flowers! Sunscreen! I get really excited.) But there am more worried than excited this season. With all the record breaking hot temperatures throughout the U.S. (80 degrees, Chicago, in March?!), you may have been wondering like I haveIs it merely part of the natural weather cycles? Or is itdun dun dunGLOBAL WARMING ?
Only concerning the March heat waves, that question will take several months of research and analyzing to reply. But global warming, more precisely called climate change, IS NOT ONLY a natural weather cycle. It's occurring, it's human-caused and we must do something about it. Yet according to a Gallup poll, only 34% of Americans agree that it is a serious problem needing immediate action. Have you seen or read about scientists or anyone debating the event of climate change? And debating whether it's brought on by individuals or not? Newsflash: It Is not a debate. The world's leading scientists have gotten together, did their studies and research, and supported that. Actually, based on the publication Think by attorney / legal analyst Lisa Bloom, the UN brought them together 4 times since 1990 to validate that it's a human-caused occurrence taking effect right now.
The National Geographic Society, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the EPA, NASA, NOAA, all agree the effects of climate change can already be seen in rising ocean levels and melting glaciers. An incredible number of folks will be forced to relocate or flooded from their dwellings and villages, and yet people in the Pacific island nations for example, will have nowhere to go.
Credit: Polar Bear: EDF, Penguins: Nat. Geographical, Photo by Peter Essick
Meanwhile, apathy appears to rule the American population as well as the U.S. government. United Nations has long been criticizing the U.S. because it's not adopted a comprehensive domestic plan for reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions, according to the NY Times article, Global Warming & Climate Change.The last large climate change bill did not make it past the Senate.
Now I understand that we now have tons of other problems to worry about in the world like poverty, captivity, FGM. But who cares about the slaves and the poor people if they're going to die in a huge cyclone in the close future? If url can no longer live on this planet, I (like Bloom) argue that all the other issues become secondary. Including naturism, if we don't have any planet to go nude on.
Though climate change is a huge world-wide menace, elected officials are sitting on their hands. Thankfully, we can battle it on an individual level. So what can we do? have also never seen a much better reason for going vegetarian or only eating less meat. Another recent study says we must cut meat consumption in half by 2050 to avert climate disaster. See resources below for more ways to cut back emissions and slow down climate change.
So, what does one think about global warming / climate change? Do you believe it is a problem? Are you currently taking action and if so, how?

enhanced my understanding of this culture. I first visited a naturist resort three years ago with

a group of buddies who invited me to participate in the annual, ''Challenge to go Bare," run/walk,
at Lake Como.
weren;t, I told them that I 'd have to consider it and get back to them. url of weeks
passed and there was no mention of the naked run. I thought I was off the hook! and Fun run/walk Not only that, but I 'd to let them know right then and
Speak about
We weren't gone long when I started to feel somewhat concerned as various ideas began
traveling through my head, wondering what to expect. Though I 've always been curious

about this lifestyle, I never believed I 'd ever be seeing a naturist resort. As our final
destination drew nearer, my anticipation grew more powerful.
Shortly we would tum off the main highway and go down a dirt road that would
eventually lead us deeper and deeper into the wilds. I kept saying to myself, alright, no
Difficulty, I can manage this. Suddenly, a guy appeared motioning for us to roll down our
window. He handed us a notice, saying that disrobing in the parking lot is prohibited
Due to the adjoining non- naturist area, and to please wait until inside the resort
to remove our clothes. Immediately after reading that, I looked at my fiiend who was
driving, and simultaneously, we became white as ghosts. I then said out loud, "I believe I'm
going to be ill." Meanwhile, the other two girls, who were in the back seat began to
laugh uncontrollably. Then all of a sudden, one of them bursts out, "Look there is a nude .
beach bum !" At that moment I could not bring myself to look, nor could my fiiend who was
also feeling somewhat queasy by this time. We no sooner parked the car, when the two women in
the back, leaped out promptly, while me and my fiiend sat and contemplated if we could
bring ourselves to enter the resort.
young couple indoors. They quickly depart their car and begin taking their clothes off right there
and then. Shocked, as were my fiiends, I thought to myself, how ill-mannered, that they didn't even
They, of all individuals, assuming that they were Naturists, should have understood better. I suppose
one could say that some people simply do not believe they have to follow the rules. Soon, almost
every parking space was taken. As I observed folks getting out of their cars, I detected that
some of them came by themselves, in small groups, or as a couple. The average age group


ranged from mid twenties to about late forties. After monitoring for awhile, my buddies and I
decided it was time to enter the resort.
Once inside, I found myself carefully gazing about for a minute, in an effort to
get some sort of feel, for this fresh environment. I immediately started discovering individuals
socializing while nude. At first felt awkward, and uneasy. Then, as I was trying to
process my feelings, a gentleman (a Naturist), motioned for me to come over to his table to
sign in for the event. Hesitantly, I proceeded to make my way over to him. beach freedom greeted me
with a friendly smile, while complementing me on my Sun & Fun T -shirt. I stood and spoke
to him for awhile before returning to my buddies.
Since we had time before the race began, my pals and I determined to take a informal
stroll through the resort. By this ti

Is The Petition For More Clothes-Elective Areas Worthwhile or A Big Waste of Time?

Guest site
White House Request for Clothing-Optional Places
More clothes-optional areas - For those of you unaware, on January 13th, Larry Darter of the Dallas Examiner created a "We the People" request that calls for all Federal lands to have clothes-optional areas. It is puttered along for several weeks and AANR has set their stamp of approval on it. Currently 's just over 2,500 signatures of the 100,000 wanted. With only two weeks to go, it doesn't seem like it'll meet it's aim. Some may see this as an indicator of the downfall of naturism or that naturists have serious privacy concerns, making them frightened to death of really putting a signature on anything. I've a slightly different stance.
The "We the People" campaign is made by the U.S. Government in 2011 as a means to receive feedback from its citizens about political, social, and economical dilemmas, giving the average person a way to petition the government about their matters. Initially, only 5,000 signatures were needed for the White House to issue a reply. Immediately after launching, the amount soared to 25,000 and now it's 100,000. Despite of signatures needed ever growing, reaching the goal does not guarantee an official statement. Previously there have been petitions to label GMO food, legalize cannabis, and close Guantanamo Bay that have all exceeded the demands, but still fell on deaf ears. The White House is simply cherry-picking what they deem relevant and will get them the most press. Even if this request for more clothing-optional outdoor spaces does reach its goal and the White House picks it as among their significant issues, there's no index that the reply will truly address the issue or be serious by any means.
We the People White House Request
Another thing to mention is that there now are not any national laws against everyday, non-sexual nudity. Every one of the laws on record have been made firmly by the states. The consequence of the petition is that every national park and forest would quarter off sections for clothing-optional use. After that, who dictates where these clothing-optional areas are? Or how about the rear of any cave inhabited by a grizzly bear? Sure, they are clothing-optional too. Now, with authorities sanctioned clothes-optional places all over the place, there would have to be means to control all the nude people from wondering out of these designated regions. It wouldn't be long before a national law was signed, making all nonsexual nudity illegal. is actually nothing to legalize.
Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against a world with more nudie spots. It would be great if I turned out to be erroneous, and the petition ended up receiving an official, positive reply from your White House. FKK did post about the petition on Facebook and Twitter. Obtaining approval of the human body is what it's all about. But as it pertains to social nudity, I don't believe that creating modest clothing-optional zones is the answer, and by using the government's "We The People" website, with its fiddling responses and lack luster track record, does not help with the credibility of the cause.
It should be noted that the Naturist Action Committee issued an advisory responding to the petition (link below). Rather than urge everyone to sign, NAC essentially said they leave it up to the individual to decide whether to sign it.
This guest site about the White House Request for Clothing-Elective Areas was published by - Young Naturists and Nudists America
The Request
Petition's Website Created by Larry Darter
NAC's Advisory Reply to the Petiti

The Northeast Naturist Festival 2011!

Summer is when most people get out of town on weekends, making excursions to the nude beach and our favorite naturist places. But some of the finest weekends are when a group of us take a trip to the same location such as to the Northeast Naturist Festival. This annual festival takes place at Empire Haven, a fkk resort / naturist campground in upstate NY that's been around for about 50 years. It was our first time at the NNF and at Empire Haven.
The holiday was a wonderful uplifting time! Six days of nonstop action, with numerous diverse workshops going on at every hour of the day (sessions more jam packed than at the TNS party). We tented (as usual) in their open rear field, and Empire has a vast area of trailers and tenting space, with and without comforts hook up. is made up of clubhouse with a snack-bar a big and little hot tub, wet sauna and heated pool. call the "khaki shack" was a cozy room lined with shelves of books and games. Just nearby is a cute and well-kept playground and two outdoor pavilions where meals were served. (The food was mostly good, but expensive.)
In between is lots of grassy yard used for workshop areas. The facilities are all fine except for the bathroom scenario- no nice public bathrooms.
Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven
But, we managed to do a lot! From African dance and drum classes to NAC / nudist topic discussions to meditation to a hike to Potters Falls, the tasks were varied and generally with 3 or 4 happening at any given time.
As a side note, I found that the TNS gathering in June was best suited to naturists that have a heavy interest in associated issues, laws, politics, and in what's going on with naturists everyw here ; whereas this festival was more about fun leisure activities, learning new hobbies, healing mind workshops and physical naked fitness sessions.
Empire Haven outdoor pool
Some of the festival activities offered fresh experiences to me, one of which was a kind of sound healing session. follow lay down midway inside a half dome with my eyes closed and gongs hanging on each side emitting powerful sounds as 2 educators waved their instruments.
It was a bit loud, but an interesting few seconds.
Each night was the notorious drum circle. We gathered around the fire pit with surrounded by an extensive ring of sand for folks to shimmy and dance around the fire. Various sorts of drums were available along the edge of the ring for individuals to join in the pounding.
The drum leader introduced the beats for everyone to drum in unison. On of dancers swung their cloths, Poi (those light-up balls), or shook their bells to add to the music. The coordinated thumping and primitive atmosphere were soothing and arousing at the exact same time.
We also attended a workshop with a synopsis of NAC dilemmas. I think it was too brief of a time period to discuss anything in depth and gain further insight into the issues brought up. But the top-free rights discussion was pretty relevant for

Its very easy to get to, there are people of all

ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the shore
weather. I adore going nude whenever possible, its
Really comfy, feels great and life is more enjoyment in
the nude!
I want to start of by providing you with a little info about
myself. I am 26 years old and currently living in
Aventura, Florida. I've been going bare since I was
17 or so. Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except state and

gangsta rap), working with computers, and talking
about automobiles. Now I Will get into how I got started as a
I was 17 when I first became
curious about how it felt like to be nude in my
When I was 18 a senior in high
We ran about
a mile or so from a nude beach (Blacks). People joked
about running there, but no one really did.
One day on a run by myself I ran
near there and decide to run to the nude beach. I
made it there and saw the nude folks. At this point
I was curious regarding what it was like to be naked on
the strand, why these people did it. I ran to a variety
of isolated part of the strand (just a few folks
around me and were not that close.)
shoes, socks, and t shirt. click sat there for 10-20 min.
I then was relaxed and comfortable enough to say to
my self I would like to get bare and see what it feels
So off came my short pants and
underwear! I sat there naked for a min. or two afterward
stood up. I will never forget that moment.
I can only describe as the most amazing awareness of
freedom I 've ever felt inside my entire life!
fee and alive! It was just amazing to be naked
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt amazing... hence
comfortable I then ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so fine to swim without an suit I loved that
Encounter and desired to do it again.
After that I went back to blacks
several more times. Additionally , I went to other naturist
Seashores; San Onfre, (45 min north of blacks), and
San Onfre is fine, its
more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went
to school in Santa Barbra and I discovered More
Mesa. This is an excellent plage! Verry private and
Signals for models needed for art class. I signed up
and posed nude for the art class.
for me and it was fun. It was fantastic to see how each
artist painted me in their own manner. My mother noticed
the check from the art school and asked me about it
in front of the family.
were not offended or mad or anything so it was cool.
Since that time, I have been to
two fkk resorts in CA. I had a really nice time in
both resorts. The folks there were quite friendly and
It was really relaxing and
fun to spend the day naked swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting awesome people etc. Most of the individuals were older
(30's-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its trendy
However to see all the young folks involved with
Nowadays I go naked in my room
almost consistently. In addition , I go bare at the local naturist
Plage (Haulover). This is my favorite naturist beach.
Its very simple to get to, there are folks of all
ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the plage
Plus the water is always warm (87 now) and so is the
weather. I adore going naked whenever possible, its
Quite comfortable, feels great and life is more pleasure in
the nude!
I'd like to start of by giving you a little info about
myself. I am 26 years old and currently living in
Aventura, Florida. I 've been going nude since I was
17 or so. Besides

Just how to Become a Nudist

Three Practices:Understanding NudismPracticing at HomeJoining Nudist CommunitiesQuestions
There are many benefits including the joy of feeling the sun allover your body, zero tanlines, and also the wholesome selfconfidence that naturism echos. Many people are ready to attempt nudism but dont discover how or where you should exercise it. Focus on Action 1 below to increase your convenience using nudism and help you discover techniques and areas to spend time bare, or (unique tips) read the portions in the above list.
Understanding Nudism

Image titled Develop Into A Nudist Move 11
Notice that nudity is not flat. We're delivered nude which is our state that was pure. It doesn't mean it needs to become worn at all times, although garments retains people hot and it is typically essential to use in public places. There exists a period regarding permitting your natural personal you should be. Picture the liberty which will have emotion the atmosphere and sun hint your skin layer not only locations which might be usually revealed.

Photograph named Develop Into A Nudist Stage 22
Become familiar with nudism's goal. Nudism is all about greater than the straightforward act to be unclothed; additionally it is about obtaining nearer to nature. Inside your condition that is organic, you'll find no limitations between oneself and the world that is normal. How emptying and invigorating wouldn't it experience to rest comfortable in your own skin and naked about the seashore, or under a woods, one together with the pure world? Folks choose naturism to achieve this particular level of joy.
Graphic titled Develop Into A Nudist Action 33
Understand that nudity isn't generally sex. Nudity itself does not need to not be asexual, although indeed, folks have sex undressed. Since it leaves more towards the imagination unveiling clothing is often more than being absolutely naked sexually suggestive. If youare worried that learning to be a naturist implies youare opening up yourself to undesirable sexual activities, know that for most naturists, it's regarding being free not lecherous.
Being fully a naturist isn't about revealing yourself to others or obtaining public gender. are small people who choose naturism not, and for your causes that are above as a way to intimately relate genuinely to people.
Having said that, nudity might be attractive towards the detects in a means that is sexual. The senses are awakened by the feel of water or air flowing consistent across your complete body and might be stimulating. That is pure and healthy. You should unashamed to have or discover these feelings that are sex. Quelling sexual thoughts is unhealthy generally speaking, and halting these while in naturism negates' framework the healthful benefits of a lifestyle that is naturist.

Exercising in the Home
Picture called Become a Nudist Step 41
Snooze nude. Not nude or in your lingerie, fully nude. Slumbering bare stimulates peace and so improves your sleep's quality. On warm nights, slumber naked and skip bed-shades, also, and find out how good you feel completely confronted with the open-air.
Operate upto it if you learn asleep naked hard. Shed one piece of apparel, like your pajama best, and reduce another piece when you're accustomed to asleep without that, a such like till youre sleeping nude.
Try opening a screen near your mattress (r

In contemporary lm, for instance, nakedness

Page 1
has sometimes connoted susceptibility, humiliation or witty transgression: virtually
Amusing intentions.
in a game of strip poker -- a representation that is used in the publicity material
for the lm -- aren't altogether distinct from the circumstance-based existence of
nakedness in carnivalesque transgressions like the Fresh Orleans Mardi Gras,
in pornography, in the communal showers, or other context-established 'comprise-
ments' such as streaking across the cricket pitch. All such representations and
spaces operate as a context for the portrayal of nakedness in legitimated

Methods that defuse both vulnerability and obscenity. Despite the ethnic legality
given to such representations of the body, the fact that charges of obscenity
continue to come from more conservative quarters signals that the represen-
tation of nakedness isn't altogether exempt from differentiated reading
Locations. I argue here that there is an encroaching pattern in which nakedness as
Circumstances of naked representation that may once have been considered 'non-
sexual' are more often sexualized or eroticized. Where David Spade's naked
Amusing humiliation might, for example, commonly be read as benign amuse-
ment, others might just as readily read that nudity as an improper display of
The encounter of nakedness under the gaze of others is exceptionally varied, and
important background differences will impact the comparative comfort with which one
Such factors of experiential difference might
Comprise the degrees of privacy afforded within the private house among and
between generations. Mark Davis suggests that such inner, personal seclusion
keep children's rooms away from the exclusive spaces (and toilets) of parents
(Davis, 1997: 2).
swimming in the Australian outback waterhole by way of example, as the cover to
Such customs, experi-
ences and codes that contextually attempt to keep nakedness separate from the
sexual are likely as diverse as the variety of clothes worn today. However,
what is of interest are the trends in how the public world -- as the mediated site
of cultural exchange -- reacts in and towards discussions of nakedness.
I begin by discussing the ways that nakedness in modern western
culture, as a relationship between an unclothed body and the gaze of others, is
variously legitimated through contexts of representation, and how those contexts
are put in routines of a cultural hysteria over the legitimate and the obscene,

in spite of the increased depiction of 'nudity' in lm, tv and advertising.
Working through improving contentiousness in instances of common nakedness, such
as communal same-sex showers, bathroom-time photographs of children and contem-
porary lm and popular culture portrayals, I suggest that a sexualization of
the public world destabilizes the circumstances in which non-sexual nakedness and
Understood through fears of illegiti-
mate sexual reading, homophobia and a fear of presenting the embodied self in a
Way of eroticization, this contextual break down leads to an increasing de-
legitimation of several sites of nonsexual nakedness. Where /albums/young-naturist-mom-displays.html">t here is an increased
Physical and psychic anxiety about the self naked under the gaze of others, this is
not only the result of modern cultural codes of the obscene, vulnerabil-
ity and pri

have been "trained" about puberty, is the trauma entirely absent? No, because

the education is lacking in a vital area. cannot convey anywhere close
as efficiently as images can. You can talk all day to a lad about how penises or
the panic that their penis or breasts are strange. But if they have
Chances to see organs and breasts in all their amazing variety, the point
is driven home that their body is just as ordinary and okay as anyone
Kids aren't permitted
to fill their absolutely natural curiosity when it is safe to do so. Adults
have sex hormones raging through their bodies. Prepubescent kids do not.
When would be the greatest time of life to learn about human bodies?
Before kids have to
Begin dealing with sexual urges.
However, astoundingly, we
think the most horrible thing of all is to allow a child to see an adult naked.
What catastrophe!
Instead, we drive children
Subsequently they not only need to deal with their
Fascination driven by a natural and wholesome want to become trained, but also
driven by these brand new, nearly overwhelming sexual urges.
dumped on them at once and are left alone to cope with it on their own.
Is it any wonder there's

Is this not accurate kid
Make no mistake about it,
once children reach puberty, they will start educating themselves, one
way or another. If parents or some other adult authority figure doesn't help
them do it, they'll do it by themselves.
And all of US know how they
will do it.
They'll gather
misinformation from friends as ignorant as themselves. will develop
They'll experiment with nudity and sex among
themselves, ignorant of the dangers involved. And they will do it all with a
ghastly emotional stew of sexual arousal, shame, remorse, and rebellion mixed into
Oh yes, this is much
better than letting kids to experience nudity under cautious grownup
supervision before their sexual hormones begin to flow.
An adult enabling a child

to see them nude is child abuse? No, no.
a child see an mature nude is child abuse.
Nudity that is meant to
be shocking or sexual or threatening or lewd through the person's motive
and behaviour--now that's child abuse. But legally defining the just
existence of nudity as lewdness or obscenity is an bad, archaic notion that
Kids are never taught
to accept the aging cycle of human beings. Everyone dreads getting old. We think
old bodies are hideous. We dread them. For God's sake, cover them up!
behold, examine the youth-worshiping culture we now have. Coincidence?
Billions of dollars are
spent on cosmetics, garments, even surgery, to try and pretend we are not becoming
old. Why? Because we dread it. Why?
Because we always conceal
our bodies from one another, we never get to see the natural aging life cycle of
human bodies. That which is hidden from us is mysterious and frightening.
If could only see
human bodies in all the different stages of aging on a regular basis, it'd

not something t

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