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What We Are Reading This Week

Body Image
- At 419 pounds, Stavros Luca is not your typical beauty pageant contestant. But that did not keep this body-assured man from entering the Mr. Gay UK contest. With overwhelming support from the audience, Stavros won 1st place! The story is awesome and inspiring, but it does not quite have …

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FKK Explains What's it Like To Be A Nudist

What Is it Like To Be A Naturist?
What's it Like To Be A Nudist - For starters, this picture below is a rendering of how nudists are perceived in today's society as well as how nudists see themselves. We hope you like it :) Think of it as our little way of shedding some light on how we ourselves are …

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A Rant About Climate Change

Along with naturism, I'm interested in lots of other things. Including the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are quickly (not slowly) ruining the planet Earth.
Now, I adore summer and warm weather, and I'm just as eager as the next naturist to leave the clothes in my own dressing t…

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enhanced my understanding of this culture. I first visited a naturist resort three years ago with

a group of buddies who invited me to participate in the annual, ''Challenge to go Bare," run/walk,
at Lake Como.
weren;t, I told them that I 'd have to consider it and get back to them. url of weeks
passed and there was no mention of the naked run. I thought I was off the hook!

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Is The Petition For More Clothes-Elective Areas Worthwhile or A Big Waste of Time?

Guest site
White House Request for Clothing-Optional Places
More clothes-optional areas - For those of you unaware, on January 13th, Larry Darter of the Dallas Examiner created a "We the People" request that calls for all Federal lands to have clothes-optional areas. It is puttered along for several w…

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