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What We Are Reading This Week

Body Image
- At 419 pounds, Stavros Luca is not your typical beauty pageant contestant. But that did not keep this body-assured man from entering the Mr. Gay UK contest. With overwhelming support from the audience, Stavros won 1st place! The story is awesome and inspiring, but it does not quite have …

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FKK Explains What's it Like To Be A Nudist

What Is it Like To Be A Naturist?
What's it Like To Be A Nudist - For starters, this picture below is a rendering of how nudists are perceived in today's society as well as how nudists see themselves. We hope you like it :) Think of it as our little way of shedding some light on how we ourselves are …

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A Rant About Climate Change

Along with naturism, I'm interested in lots of other things. Including the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are quickly (not slowly) ruining the planet Earth.
Now, I adore summer and warm weather, and I'm just as eager as the next naturist to leave the clothes in my own dressing t…

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enhanced my understanding of this culture. I first visited a naturist resort three years ago with

a group of buddies who invited me to participate in the annual, ''Challenge to go Bare," run/walk,
at Lake Como.
weren;t, I told them that I 'd have to consider it and get back to them. url of weeks
passed and there was no mention of the naked run. I thought I was off the hook!

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Is The Petition For More Clothes-Elective Areas Worthwhile or A Big Waste of Time?

Guest site
White House Request for Clothing-Optional Places
More clothes-optional areas - For those of you unaware, on January 13th, Larry Darter of the Dallas Examiner created a "We the People" request that calls for all Federal lands to have clothes-optional areas. It is puttered along for several w…

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The Northeast Naturist Festival 2011!

Summer is when most people get out of town on weekends, making excursions to the nude beach and our favorite naturist places. But some of the finest weekends are when a group of us take a trip to the same location such as to the Northeast Naturist Festival. This annual festival takes place at Empire…

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Its very easy to get to, there are people of all

ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the shore
weather. I adore going nude whenever possible, its
Really comfy, feels great and life is more enjoyment in
the nude!
I want to start of by providing you with a little info about
myself. I am 26 years old and currently living in
Aventura, Florida. I'v…

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Just how to Become a Nudist

Three Practices:Understanding NudismPracticing at HomeJoining Nudist CommunitiesQuestions
There are many benefits including the joy of feeling the sun allover your body, zero tanlines, and also the wholesome selfconfidence that naturism echos. Many people are ready to attempt nudism but dont discover…

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In contemporary lm, for instance, nakedness

Page 1
has sometimes connoted susceptibility, humiliation or witty transgression: virtually
Amusing intentions.
in a game of strip poker -- a representation that is used in the publicity material
for the lm -- aren't altogether distinct from the circumstance-based existence of
nakedness in carnivalesque …

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have been "trained" about puberty, is the trauma entirely absent? No, because

the education is lacking in a vital area. cannot convey anywhere close
as efficiently as images can. You can talk all day to a lad about how penises or
the panic …

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Naked Occasions - See what you missed??? is here, nudist clubs are opening, the Gunnison beach ferry engine is revving, as we dig out our flip-flops, sunscreen, cat earsWait, cat ears?!
Yes, it's time for a Nude Spring Event Round U…

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Most commentators say that it's the context in which family nudity occurs, not the nudity itself, that

determines whether it's problematic.
itself, and nudity is merely a problem when it's treated as one.97
73. Many psychologists claim that the implicit message conveyed by a deficiency of nudity in the house is that the
body is simply unacceptable or scandalous--an approach which may carry over into dis…

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How I Beat My Body Image Issues In College

(Guest Nudie Blog)
Overcoming My Body Image Problems While In School
I never really thought too much about the small little bit of extra weight I have always taken, especially on my hips, thighs and of course, my derriere (my Butt!). I was consistently able to dress in just the right way to ensure I c…

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Rock Lodge - New Jersey Nudist Club

That is the 2nd Sponsor Guest Blog from the lovely Rock Lodge Club who hosted our first club assembly this past summer! And they're now sponsoring Unclothed Year's Eve together with donating day passes to the raffle.
" Just over per year ago, two young friends of ours decided to do something to encou…

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Issues Pertaining to the Naked Airport Body Scanners and Security

Why Are The Nude Airport Body Scanners Causing Such a Stir:
Naked Airport Body Scanners - Last time I went to the airport, I didn't simply do a walk through at security. I was among the chosen ones to go into their scanner booth and stand with my arms over my head and legs spread, where a laser patte…

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lower the beam and see who can go the lowest.

another's stomach. Once everyone's in position, the host girl starts by saying
"ha! Ha! Ha!," and so on continuing to add an additional "Ha!" until everyone
gets giggling and can't continue.
Make sure to have a couple of disposable cameras available for the girls to
File their fun. As the eveni…

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Wiener Proposes San Francisco Nudity Prohibition

San Francisco Nudity Prohibition - Did you know there is a U.S. city where you can legally walk around naked in people anytime you desire? It's called San Francisco. Of course, don't picture an American version of Cap D'Agde, but there has been a little known group of naturists that gather in a sect…

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Dan of FKK KC Reviews His Stay At Show Me Acres

A review of Show Me Acres Nudist Resort:
Show Me Acres Nudist Resort: My wonderful woman and I recently seen the majestic (relative term) Show Me Acres nudist resort in Missouri. The resort is situated near the Lake of the Ozarks - a large man-made reservoir and Missouri's biggest state park. We vent…

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panic over skin cancer, TNS was justifiably Recreation.")

Along with a name change, TNS adopted a fresh logo.
Proposed early on that a simple, cryptic
Symbol was desired, one that would permit
fellow naturists to recognize one another
without the demand to blatantly advertise
one's predilection for nudity. Hild provided
some rough sketches from which designer

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