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A Rant About Climate Change

Along with naturism, I'm interested in lots of other things. Including the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are quickly (not slowly) ruining the planet Earth.
Now, I adore summer and warm weather, and I'm just as eager as the next naturist to leave the clothes in my own dressing table and run to the closest naked beach or club on the first decent springtime day. (Sunshine!! Spring! Flowers! Sunscreen! I get really excited.) But there am more worried than excited this season. With all the record breaking hot temperatures throughout the U.S. (80 degrees, Chicago, in March?!), you may have been wondering like I haveIs it merely part of the natural weather cycles? Or is itdun dun dunGLOBAL WARMING ?
Only concerning the March heat waves, that question will take several months of research and analyzing to reply. But global warming, more precisely called climate change, IS NOT ONLY a natural weather cycle. It's occurring, it's human-caused and we must do something about it. Yet according to a Gallup poll, only 34% of Americans agree that it is a serious problem needing immediate action. Have you seen or read about scientists or anyone debating the event of climate change? And debating whether it's brought on by individuals or not? Newsflash: It Is not a debate. The world's leading scientists have gotten together, did their studies and research, and supported that. Actually, based on the publication Think by attorney / legal analyst Lisa Bloom, the UN brought them together 4 times since 1990 to validate that it's a human-caused occurrence taking effect right now.
The National Geographic Society, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the EPA, NASA, NOAA, all agree the effects of climate change can already be seen in rising ocean levels and melting glaciers. An incredible number of folks will be forced to relocate or flooded from their dwellings and villages, and yet people in the Pacific island nations for example, will have nowhere to go.
Credit: Polar Bear: EDF, Penguins: Nat. Geographical, Photo by Peter Essick
Meanwhile, apathy appears to rule the American population as well as the U.S. government. United Nations has long been criticizing the U.S. because it's not adopted a comprehensive domestic plan for reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions, according to the NY Times article, Global Warming & Climate Change.The last large climate change bill did not make it past the Senate.
Now I understand that we now have tons of other problems to worry about in the world like poverty, captivity, FGM. But who cares about the slaves and the poor people if they're going to die in a huge cyclone in the close future? If url can no longer live on this planet, I (like Bloom) argue that all the other issues become secondary. Including naturism, if we don't have any planet to go nude on.
Though climate change is a huge world-wide menace, elected officials are sitting on their hands. Thankfully, we can battle it on an individual level. So what can we do? have also never seen a much better reason for going vegetarian or only eating less meat. Another recent study says we must cut meat consumption in half by 2050 to avert climate disaster. See resources below for more ways to cut back emissions and slow down climate change.
So, what does one think about global warming / climate change? Do you believe it is a problem? Are you currently taking action and if so, how?

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